How To Wear Bodysuits

A bodysuit is a great piece of clothing. It is a perfect garment to lift you up and suck you in at all the right places. It comes in a variety of styles and options. You will be spoiled for choices. Its versatility makes it a very popular clothing option for women. You can wear a bodysuit in a number of different ways and for different occasions. It will look equally good if you pair it with the right item of clothing and top it off with a perfect accessory. Here’s our guide for you on how to wear the bodysuit to make a fancy style statement.

With a pair of jeans:

Just like your bodysuit jeans comes in a lot of types and designs. Your bodysuit can complement every type of jeans perfectly. Get into a square to round neckline plain bodysuit and pair it off with skinny, mom, boyfriend, high waisted, ripped, or any other type of jeans. Wear light gold jewelry if you like. You can carry a handbag depending where you want to go and your look is complete. The choice of footwear also depends where you would like to go.

With long sweaters:

Wear a long sweater over your bodysuit and get a more casual and yet refined look. You can pair it with jeans and go for flats in place of heels. There your look is complete.

With a blazer:

A blazer over a bodysuit will give you a more professional and business-like feel. You can wear this outfit to your office especially if you have a relaxed dress code there. Wear one or two size plus blazer for that extra professional look.

With sweat pants:

For running errands or a movie night with friends, a bodysuit would go seamlessly with a pair of sweat pants. You will feel comfortable and it looks great.

With a maxi skirt:

Tucking a shirt in a maxi skirt can be problematic. Wear a bodysuit same color as your skirt to make it look like a dress.  You can also pair it with different shades and colors to make it look more ravishing.

With short overalls:

Get a throwback look and wear a striped or any other type of bodysuit under short overalls. You will be a picture of casual chic with it.

With miniskirts:

A bodysuit goes seamlessly when you wear it with miniskirts or denim skirts. Their can be a number of styling options to go with this look.  Add a short blazer and you will look so chic. Experiment and stand out.

Sheer Bodysuits:

Sheer bodysuits look so sexy and you can easily show them off with a pair of jeans, boots and a sweater, if needed.

With Trousers:

For a more refined look wear a bodysuit with a pair of menswear-inspired trousers. Put on a coat and your outfit is complete for a serious board meeting.

With Gym wear:

Your bodysuit can be cool gym wear. Wear it with a pair of athletic trousers and sweat it out in the gym. You will feel energized and all pumped up.

With Full Suit:

Your bodysuit will go just fine with a pair of matching coat and pants. Use lace bodysuit and be a picture of casual chic.

With Hot Shorts:

Be comfortable and cute with a V lace bodysuit with a pair of shorts. Be it of denim or any other fabric. Complete the look with sneakers and you will be the envy of so many.

There can be hundreds of other options as well. Bodysuits come in a lot of designs you can mix and match them with different clothing and look great. Here we just gave you an idea, let your imagination run wild and experiment with different styles.

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